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Subscribe to view components Heritage Index The Heritage Index was compiled by Meryl Catty and typed up by Les Muriel. ...
Subscribe to view components Index to Colemans catalogue James Coleman was an heraldic and genealogical bookseller and publisher in ...
Subscribe to view components John Price document collection A transcript of the collection of documents given to the Society by John Pr...
Subscribe to view components Munumenta antiqua : Crisp's Norfolk folio series, vol. 1-2 2 volumes of original 17th-19th century documents with MS abstracts collect...
Subscribe to view components Some Scottish Rebels of the 1745 Rebellion These two lists of Scottish Rebels of the 1745 Rebellion were transcribed f...
Subscribe to view components Teachers Memorandum Books in the Archives of the Society of Apothecaries Various Anatomy Acts from 1832 onwards had attempted to regulate the procur...

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