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 Coventry charities
Handed down from the family, but with no known family connections I have in my
posession a small volume entitled " An Account of the Many and Great Loans,
Benefactions and Charities, Belonging to the City of Coventry." The volume is dated
1733, Published by William Ratten Bookseller in Coventry, and runs to 142 pages.

The volume is dedicated to the Freemen and Poor Inhabitants of the City of Coventry. It
was prepared by un-named collectors, who 'extracted such Minutes and Accounts as lye
scattered about in books and writings of the Clerks or Members of the Council House'
but two persons of particular note were said to be Mr Burtons and the late Alderman
Edw. Owen, with their knowlege of City Affairs

Listed are 18 Donors of Loan Money providing for repayable Loans Total ã4,343 in the
years 1518 to 1662. Loans were more often than not ã10 for from 1 to 3 years.
Willed benefactions and gifts total 84, between years 1492 and 1731. The value of the
Benefactions as a total value has not been calculated, as often they consisted of property
or property with rental value. Great Gifts include those of Thomas White ã1,400 in 1543
and Thomas Jesson ã2,000 in 1634 amongst others. Principal Donors and Benefactors
are highlighted in the 110 page summary.

For the Genealogist 856 individual surnames of the Citizens of Coventry appear, with a
total of 2196 entries. Many appear as example Smith up to 70 times and with christian
names rangeing from Edward, Elizabeth .....to Thomas, William. More than 50% of the
names have the location of their property, whether owned or rented, or their profession

Entries of Particular Note:

Mr Thomas Wheatly, where in 1566 ã800 was provided as Loan Money to 20 different
Guilds, including: Girdlers, Whittawers, Corvicers, Cappers, Coopers and Mercers etc.

Mr Oughton, Servant of Thomas Wheatly was sent to Spain to purchase barrels of steel-
gads. Bought in open Fair: when opened contained cochineal or ingots of silver, which
being unclaimed the profit formed part of Mr Wheatlyââ¬â¢s estate given to Charitable uses.

Indicated 'Family' in cases such as William Peytow where he is noted as Nephew of
William Coke. Ralph Swillington shown as husband of Elizabeth Swillington etc. etc.

I have Italicised comments inserted by the Collectors eg See Mr Zouch
The present Tenant of the Clifford Chambers Estate pays Annually to the Treasurer
(A.O-----n) ã100. The Treasurer accounts for ã78-17s. Q. What becomes of the rest and
why is this estate not improved in Space of 100 Years?
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