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 Army pensioners in South Africa 1818-1826
A list of men, retired to pension (as opposed to dead or dishonourably discharged), who elected to remain at the Cape, from 1818 to 1826, whose names are listed in WO 23/147 at The National Archives.

This is a selection of information on the page. Also included may be: date of admission, physical description, length and type of service, rate of pension, (rarely) date of death and, sometimes, further notes. These are only men who stayed in SA, others remained in, for instance, Sierra Leone, Canada, India and Corfu. Spellings of place names in the 'born' field are often erratic.

Where a * appears in the BRAC field the person is mentioned in the book ' British Residents at the Cape.'
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Army pensioners in South Africa 1818-1826
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