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 Rochester St Margaret Militia List 1821
There exists in the Rochester upon Medway Local Studies Centre a Militia Ballot List for the Parish of St Margaret's Rochester in the form of some 400 plus Schedule âAâ household forms. (P305/17 /1)

Although almost certainly not a complete set for the Parish (the first being numbered 141) they list in excess of 400 Householders and Occupiers (probably some 70% of the male population).

Militia Ballot Lists are the result of the 1757 Militia Act (30 Geo. 11 c25) whereby Parliament ordered that militia regiments should be re-established in the counties of England and Wales, having been inactive for some time.

An excellent description of Militia Ballot lists can be found in "Militia Lists and Musters 1757 to 1876" by Jeremy Gibson and Mervyn Medlycott published by the Federation of Family History Societies.

This transcription is produced in the hope that it may be of help to researchers. Unfortunately the originals are now considered unsuitable for production.

Militia List: Description of Form

The Schedule âAâ forms are headed in the following manner:

1. Names.
2. Rank and Occupation.
3. Age.
4. Children.
Number above 14 years old
Number under 14 years old
5. Exempt or not Exempt from the Regular Militia.
6. Grounds of Exemption.
7. Effective Volunteer or Yeoman.
8. Clergy, Licenced Teacher, not carrying a Trade, Constables, or other Peace Officers.
9. Army, Navy, Marines, Sea Fencibles.
10. Infirm etc.
11. Exempt or not Exempt from the Local Militia.
12. Grounds of Exemption.

For the sake of clarity the transcription has been reduced to the following:

NO. Number on Schedule.
HOUSEHOLDER. Name of Person to whom Schedule Issued
NAMES. Names.
OCCUPATION. Rank and Occupation.
AGE. Age.
CHILDREN. Children
over 14
under 14
REMARKS. Other Remarks. In most cases this represents schedule columns 5, 6, 11 and 12 which when completed were usually identical.

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Rochester St Margaret Militia List 1821
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