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 Boyds London Burials
Percival Boyd (better known for his marriage index) also compiled a burial index that covered the City of London and a few surrounding parishes for the period 1538-1812 (although there are a small number of later entries up to 1872). rnrnThe index, completed in 1934, principally covers males who were 12 years of age and over when they died, and it does not include every parish in the city. Indeed Boyd noted in his introduction that 'Those who use this index are warned that it must be treated as a 'lucky dip' - if you find what you want, well and good; if you don't you have searched nothing'. rnrnHowever it is a useful finding aid for people trying to locate London ancestors and includes 243,000 burial entries.rnrnThe index includes the deceased's forename, surname, year of burial, place of burial, and occasionally age.
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Boyd's London burials - Surnames A-J
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